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Aluminium Extrusion

Every year tons of metals are recycled at our facility

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Recycling industry saves unnecessary dumping and make best out of waste. Our contribution in conserving nature is phenomenal.

Save The World, Start Recycling!

Our Mission

  • Save Today

    Our aim is to reduce extraction of natural resources from earth’s core and instead rely more on existing recycling or reusing existing materials.

  • Economic Benefit

    Recycling is a faster, smarter, environment friendly and very economical way of reusing all the natural resources which are already around us.

  • Plant Ecology

    Whenever we try to mine new resources from earth we immediately trigger deforestation. Such acts adversly affects eco system and our health.

  • Reduce, Recycle, Resue

    This mantra is globally accepted and now gaining widespread popularity across Indian citizens. Join us to make our earth a better place to live.

Why Us?

We offer best price for all scrap metals and other materials you wish to sell.

We are active in Delhi and NCR and offer timely execution of scrap.

Our staff are friendly and professional. They will ensure smoother and transparent business transaction.

Metals We Recycle

Aluminium 95%
Copper 91%
Iron 62%
Brass 53%
Steel 46%